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Pinellas County Trucking Accident Lawyer

Being involved in an accident with a commercial truck or vehicle, although similar under the law to an auto accident, has its own particular set of challenges. Commercial insurance is different than consumer type coverage, and you will most definitely need the assistance of an experienced attorney to assist you in navigating the claims process.

At Grieco, Moore and Centonzio, we specialize in these types of accident and injury cases, and can provide you with the immediate, aggressive representation that you will need to secure your rights to a claim and make you whole again.

Here are some important steps to remember if you are involved in an accident with a truck or commercial vehicle, and you are able to perform one or more of these tasks at the accident scene:

  • Do not attempt to move your vehicle, unless you are obstructing traffic or you are instructed to do so by law enforcement
  • If you are able, take photographs of the damage to both your vehicle and the other vehicle, as well as any photos of the accident scene that are relevant including skid marks, gouge marks, and any damaged guard rails, poles or other structures.
  • If you are able, exchange as much information with the other driver as possible. This can include their drivers license information, insurance information, vehicle registration and contact info. Take photos of all documents.
  • DO NOT LEAVE THE SCENE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! You may be charged with ‘Leaving The Scene Of An Accident’, even if the accident is not your fault.
  • If you feel any pain or any injury whatsoever, including disorientation or minor discomfort, be sure that you are taken to the hospital immediately for treatment. This will not only be in your best interest, but is a big help in documenting any injuries as quickly after the accident occurred as possible.
  • As soon as you are able, speak to an attorney about your accident. Once you have engaged counsel, let them take care of communication with your insurance company. You can notify the insurance company yourself–but be mindful of what you say to them! It is not in their best interest to pay your claim.
  • If you have not suffered any apparent injury, be sure to see a physician within 14 days of the accident for a routine examination. Many injuries are not immediately apparent nor are all symptoms of an injury obvious at the time of the accident.

If you or someone you know has been involved in a trucking accident or with a commercial vehicle in the Pinellas County area, be sure to contact Grieco, Moore and Centonzio for a no-obligation consultation regarding your accident, injuries and other aspects of your case at 727-391-9900